The falling winter temperatures mean I am now waking up to a thick layer of frost coating the grass outside. The chilly temperatures made me want to make a new pair of winter socks – I started these ages ago and have finally finished them!


I used a Roam Fusion 4 ply wool which was specially designed for sock knitting (although any 4 ply wool will do), 5 x 3.0mm needles and a free pattern from Roam. The fair isle style pattern does make them look very complicated but it is in fact just the different colours of the wool. For the ribbing at the top, I did 2 Knit, 2 Purl stitches (repeated) for a wider ribbing but it also works with just 1 Knit, 1Purl.


I have heard lots of people say that turning the heel is the hardest part of knitting a sock but, in my opinion, as long as you are following a clear set of instructions, it’s really not that difficult and just a case of decreasing stiches.


In fact, I found the hardest part was actually casting on (starting) the sock as you have to use either three or four needles at a time, depending on your pattern. However, there are lots of videos on youtube which I found very helpful.

These are actually the second pair of socks I have knitted. The first (below) were not nearly as neat but helped me to develop the various skills needed.


Despite what you may be thinking, the simple sock pattern is really not too complicated as only two main stitches are needed – the basic knit and purl. Look for a good, clear pattern and choose a 4 ply wool which will be easy to knit with – fluffy ones are nice but can make your first sock a bit tricky to knit. Finally, don’t give up! I have hand to unwind several parts of my socks and re-knit them but it is so satisfying to have a pair you have knitted yourself with the added benefit that they are incredibly cosy :¬)

Good luck!

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