Mistletoe Pattern


Here is, as promised, the pattern for the crochet mistletoe in the wreath below:
I’m writing in British crochet terms:
Chain stitch: start with a slip knot on hook, yarn over hook and pull through knot on hook
SL ST: slip stitch (insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull back through)
DC: double crochet (insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull back through stitch, yarn over and pull through both stitches on hook)
HTR: half treble (yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull back through stitch, yarn over and pull through all three stitches on hook)

These instructions can be quite confusing at first but once you get the hang of all the stitches the crochet grows really quickly. If you are stuck, try searching crochet stitch tutorials on youtube – that was how I taught myself.

So the pattern:
– Using a green wool (I find ones which are part cotton work best for definition) Chain 8
– 2 HTR into the first 2 chain stitches
– 3 DC into the next three chain stitches
– 2 SL ST into the next two chain stitches
– You should have come to the end of the chain. Now chain 8 more stitches.
– Repeat steps 2-4 above so: 2 HTR, 3 DC, 2 SL ST
– You should now have two leaf shaped pieces of crochet. From the bottom of the second leaf, do a SL ST into the bottom of the first leaf to pull them together.
– Crochet a chain of stitches for the required length of the mistletoe stem – I usually go for about 6.
– Fasten off

For the berries, use white wool:
– Chain 2
– 1 HTR into the first chain stitch
– 1 SL ST into the second stitch and pull and shape to make a berry
– Fasten off

Hopefully you will find this useful!

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