Crochet Christmas Wreath


Hello again!

So, for my first creative blog post I thought I’d share a little Christmas project before we get too far into 2014. This Christmas Wreath was inspired by this wonderful blog here:

Attic24 is, in my opinion, the best blog for crochet out there. Lucy, the Attic24 blogger, has created some amazing wreaths which inspired me to create the one above. Like hers, I crocheted what was essentially a scarf and sewed it, sock-like, onto a polystyrene wreath. I then crocheted holly leaves (Attic24 pattern), mistletoe, berries, curly feelers(Attic24 pattern), leaves and a ribbon.

It took me about 4 weeks to complete as I used it for creative downtime between studying :¬) It is definitely the most satisfying crochet project I have made to date and, as Attic24 has shown, can be modified to suit anytime of year, not just Christmas.

The mistletoe pattern was my own and the ribbon was just many rows of double crochet but I attach links to the rest of the patterns I used below. I’ll try to put up a tutorial for the mistletoe pattern in due course.

I hope this inspires you to give crochet a go!(I personally find it much easier than knitting so if you find that tricky try crochet instead!)

Till next time

Blogging love


Holly leaf pattern from Attic24: (the leaves were made using this pattern but without adding the row of spikes)
Curly feelers: (the pattern is about halfway down this page and really simple)


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